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  As a cinematographer, the most important thing to me is capturing the subject matter in a way that best compliments each particular project. My “whole picture” approach allows me to focus on creating a visual aesthetic that helps realize the director's vision while keeping in mind how each shot will join together during post-production. I strive to bring cinematic qualities to every production by combining meaningful compositions and well-executed camera movement along with precise control of light to create a mood that enhances emotion.


  I have honed my visual skills by working in several departments (camera, grip, and lighting) for some of the Northwest’s top directors and cinematographers. I’ve worked on a variety of projects for clients that include Intel, Dell, Nike, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Comcast, Portland Trail Blazers, and Wacom. These diverse experiences have contributed to my working knowledge of both the visual and technical elements involved in high quality production.

"Working in an unconstrained environment is a good test of any cinematographer's skills. If you want to see that standard set high, Allen's work in 50 Feet From Syria is a superb example of visual storytelling done well." 


"Kenny Allen is incredibly talented as a camera operator and emerging cinematographer. He has a discerning eye for great camera composition and movement as well as beautiful and evocative lighting. He backs up his natural gifts with hard work, a stellar attitude, and a dedication to perfection of his craft. I have hired Kenny on many projects with diverse challenges and he has always come through with exceptional work."

  - Randolph Sellars 
Some clients include:

Animal Planet | Intel | Dell | Wacom | Adobe | Nike | Portland Trail Blazers | National Geographic | Discovery | Comcast | Oregon Lottery | United Way | Boys & Girls Club | All Hands Raised | American Red Cross | Moda Health 

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