• Red Dragon 6k Cinema Camera

• Sony FS7 4k Camera

• Sony A7s Camera

• Camera Sliders (2ft & 4ft)

• DJI Ronin Gimbal

• DJI Wireless Follow Focus

• 3x Ghost eye

• Easy Rig 3 

• Letus Helix Gimbal 

• SteadiCam Scout System

• SteadiMate

• Odyssey 7Q Recorder

• Small.HD AC7

• Backstage Camera Cart

• Sachtler Tripod system

• O'Conner 100mm Tripod

• Matte Box & follow focus

• Shoulder Rig

• Canon "L" zoom lenses

• Sony Cine Zoom 28-135mm

• Rokinon Cine Primes set

• Audio Package

Dana Dolly (universal)

• Corporate & Commercial packages

• Grip Cart, Electric Cart, C-Stand Cart

• Hydraulic liftgate for fast load and offload


Please email or call for current availability, day rates, and production estimates. Equipment package can be customized to fit your production needs.

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